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Life-Changing, Mind-Blowing Musicals

From Garrett Stack | Part of the Broadway Bound series | 01:58:00

A few musicals, a dozen or so, have been life-changing, mind-blowing shows. They're impact is profound. This is my list. What's yours?

Life-changing_musicals_small Broadway Bound 294. Life-Changing, Mind-Blowing Musicals

When you're in the theater and suddenly you say to yourself, "where am I?" you have just been transported to that magic place by the confluence of many theatrical elements that make the living stage sometimes breathtaking. I say sometimes, and perhaps even most of the time you may enjoy a show, but it's not life-changing.

On this Broadway Bound I offer my list of 12 musicals that have had a profound effect on me. The oldest is from 1969. The newest is from 2017.

This is my list and is incomplete due to to time constraints. But rest assured, these shows only rarely come along. Spoiler alert. Here they are:

Les Miserables
La Cage aux Folles
Sunset Boulevard
A Chorus Line
Sweeney Todd
Come From Away
Billy Elliot