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Comment for "Agincourt"

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Review of Agincourt

A great piece discussing the influence of individuals on human history. There really is no way of definitevly describing what happened yesterday or a moment ago and thus our history is subject to constant variation. This is made plainly evident through the conversation in this piece, which is well written and generally well produced. I definitely prefer a piece that makes me think.

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Review of Dressy Girls

Finally, an honest revelation about the way teenagers handle themselves today. GRanted my ripe old age of 23 makes me much older and wiser -HA!- but where are the parents, the role models and the values for these kids? Thank you Lena for raising the issues you have with a piece far overdue.

Comment for "With a Bullet (clean and short)"

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Review of Love & Radio: With a Bullet (clean and short)

This was an intriguing piece to listen to. I thought it was very well-scored, and dealt with the subject of guns in a way we don't normally see or hear. I especially like how it raises personal questions for the listener and that it leaves general questions within each story unanswered. I also like it's honest nature, in that it isn't just telling a story, but it is relaying some of the inner emotions of the characters. At first I was skeptical about the subject matter: guns. But it was well worth the half hour.

Comment for "Tales...Story 9: Fish Grow on Trees"

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Review of Story 9: Fish Grow on Trees

This isa nice, fresh piece. The park volunteer's comments really helped to connect the idea of bring an urban forest back to life. I also appreciated the honesty of the people involved in the project. The piece is well written, well edited and flows very nicely. I enjoyed the mini learning experience it provided me.

Comment for "Rock On, Reality!"

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Review of Rock On, Reality!

I really liked the laughs I got from this piece. Unfortunately, I had to listen about 5 times to pick up on all the commentary becasue it was a little too speedy. Despite the jokster tone and the cynicism, I couldn't help but find myself thinking "God, isn't that the truth!" To a certain degree, I think that's what cynicism is supposed to do to people. Good work.